Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this game all about?

It’s a game about doing tricks with a Dolphin. Do as many as you can in two minutes, and see how high you can go.

How is this game different from Dolphin Olympics?

Dolphin Up is port of Dolphin Olympics 2 to other platforms. It has more levels, characters, achievements, etc., as well as support for higher resolution screens, gamepads, touchscreen controls, and other platform specific features.

Those leaderboard scores are ridiculous! How am I supposed to get that much?

The secret is to chain your jumps with a nice entry, and to do as many different jumps in one combo as possible. Also, go as high as possible. You get a lot of points for jumping past things that are really high up.

Sometimes it’s day, sometimes it’s night. What’s going on?

When the game starts up, it checks the time on your device and loads the appropriate graphics. It won’t check again until you restart the game completely, meaning if you just suspend it in the background in your iPhone and then pick up your game again later, the time of day won’t change. This can create some situations where it will be night time in the game world and daytime in your world.

Why are there are sparkles coming out of my Dolphin? Why is my Dolphin glowing?

Every time you land a Nice Entry, your max speed increases slightly. The amount of sparkles coming out of your dolphin (and the glow) reflects how much your speed has been increased.

Ok, I get the sparkles. But now there are weird shadow Dolphins!

When you do a starslide, you get an increase in your slide boost, which affects how much hang time you get when you kick out of a tailslide or starslide. If you are trailing dolphin shadows behind you, that means you have slide boost. The more shadows, the more boost.

I really like this game! When is the sequel coming out?

Though we have plans to make a sequel, there is no definite timeline. Follow us on twitter or facebook to get the latest updates on future projects from Rawkins Games.