Alan Rawkins

Since around 2005, I have been developing and publishing my own games. My biggest project was Dolphin Up, which has been released across multiple platforms, and continues to be popular. All of my released games are listed below. Some of the older games are built with Flash, which may or may not work in your browser.

Dolphin Up

Flip and launch your dolphin into the sky, building speed as you succesfully land jumps. Score as many points as you can in 2 minutes.

Viper League

Viper League is a 2-8 player local multiplayer arena snake combat game. There are fireballs, snakes, and grenades, not always in that order. Use gamepads or the keyboard or both. Developed with Justin Ray.

Outpost Defender

An RPG/Town Management/Survival game, developed for IGMC 2017.

4 Dragons

A classic NES style RPG. Walk around the map killing monsters, saving gp, building levels and upgrading your gear. Developed for the NES Monkey X Game Jam 2015.

Deserted Space

A 3d endless shooter, inspired by Space Harrier and Star Fox. Built with Three.js for the Full Indie Game Jame 2013, with Drew Miller.


Keep the ball moving in this unique Rube Goldberg-esque game developed at the Vancouver Global Game Jam 2012

Flash Games

The following games were built using Adobe Flash, which unfortunately is no longer supported. If you do have it installed though, these games should all still work for you.

Dolphin Olympics 2

The sequel to Dolphin Olympics features smoother gameplay, more tricks, and more stuff to see. Score as many points as possible in 2 minutes by
swimming and flipping your dolphin. Successful jumps build speed, allowing for bigger and better tricks!

Dolphin Olympics

Do as many tricks as possible with a dolphin in 2 minutes. The original cosmic time waster from Rawkins Games.

Tugboat Captain

Make your fortune hauling goods in Tugboat Captain! Dodge sea-monsters, grab power ups, smash cruiseships, and build your combo multiplier to rack up as much cash as possible.

Rocket Assault

Use your rocket launchers to defend your base against the alien armada! Rocket Assualt is a retro-remake of the classic Atari game Missile Command.

Happy Goat Lucky

Pull colored cheese out of a goat on a pole. Developed at TOJAM3.


Drive your boat through an obstacle course while towing a wakeboarder. Keep your boarder on his feet to score extra time. My entry into the 2006 accessible games competition. The competition required all entrants to produce either a switch game (a game requiring only one input), or a game with no visuals (ie. audio only).

Pool Madness

Clear the table in as few shots as possible. Hit the balls hard enough to unleash the Pool Cyclone! Pool Madness was the first game I made, and it kind of shows. The Pool Cyclone is actually a bug that was so fun to set off that it was converted into a “feature”.